Introducing our Theme Leaders

Introducing our Theme Leaders

In Quarter 4 of 2012, two hundred colleagues responded to our survey wherein they were asked to select high-priority themes on medicines in BRICS countries. Among a comprehensive list of possible themes, six themes emerged as the most popular with many respondents highlighting their interest to collaborate in the selected theme. Given the high interest, Country Leaders of the BRICS Medicines Alliance invited colleagues to serve as Theme Leaders. Theme Leaders are content experts and guide the development of theme activities across all BRICS countries. The six themes and appointed Theme Leaders follow below.

Medicines regulation

Dr. Guru Prasad Mohanta, a former WHO officer at WHO Country Office for India, is a Professor of Pharmacy at Annamalai University. He has been trained in Rational Use of Medicines and related areas. He is a trainer in the area of Medicine Supply Chain Management, Rational Use of Medicines and Pharmacoeconomics. As a columnist, he has been contributing articles on medicine use and other health issues in Newspapers, professional magazines and science magazines.

Health insurance systems to improve medicines access

Shelley McGee is currently Health Care Policy Analyst at Sanofi South Africa, but has a background in pharmacy and health economics. Shelley has a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, as well as a post graduate diploma in Health economics and her international Masters in Pharmacoeconomics and Health Economics. She has extensive experience in South Africa’s private health insurance market with respect to pharmacoeconomics, health technology assessment and reimbursement decision-making in this environment. Her current research interests include medicines within universal health care cover settings, medicine pricing and alternative reimbursement models as applied within the South African setting.

Monitoring medicine use and adherence

Dr. Gurumurthy Parthasarathi is an academic clinical pharmacy practitioner at JSS Medical College Hospital, Mysore & Professor and Head of Department of Pharmacy Practice, at JSS College of Pharmacy, JSS University, Mysore; Adjunct Senior Lecturer at School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, Univ. South Australia, Adelaide, Australia. His primary research area of interest is Pharmacovigilance and is presently member of working group of Pharmacovigilance Program of India. Other research areas of interests are Drug Use Evaluation, Medication Errors, Medication Adherence and Comparative Effectiveness Research. He has 52 research papers to his credit. Thirteen of the papers/posters presented in conferences have won best paper/poster awards. He has successfully guided postgraduate and PhD students, and has been the lead editor of ‘Textbook of Clinical Pharmacy Practice-Essential Concepts and Skills’.

Medicines and the right to health

Dr. Rafael Pinheiro is Associate Professor at University of Brasilia where he teaches in both the fields of Policies, Systems, and Health Services; and Pharmaceutical Policy. At the graduate level, he coordinates Masters and Doctoral students in Policy, Planning, and Health Care Management in the Public Health Graduate Program. Prof. Pinheiro was a member of the expert committee for the selection of essential drugs of the Ministry of Health in Brazil and he also works on strategies to promote access to and rational use of medicines in Primary Health Care. Prof. Mota has a Ph.D in Medical Science and a Masters degree in Pharmacology.

Procurement and pricing policies to improve medicines access

Dr. Maulik Chokshi is an Associate Professor at Indian Institute of Public Health-Delhi (IIPH-D) and has around 13 years of experience in the field of Public Health, working closely with the health systems. He leads the procurement supply chain management portfolio across IIPH’s of PHFI, and the modules on Pharmaceutical Economics and Health Economics. His recent research has been with various agencies like the Planning Commission, Government of India, various state governments in India, multiple development partners including The World Bank, USAID, WHO, WHO-SEARO, Save the Children, The Global Fund, and Harvard School of Public Health.

Medicines promotion and advertising

Dr. Liliya Ziganshina is well-connected to the health system and the Ministry of Health in Russia and has experience in medicine use, consumption and pricing studies at the national level. Prof. Liliya Ziganshina co-ordinates a Masters programme in Pharmacology and in Information Technologies in Pharmacology at Kazan Federal University.